About us

Mozoo is the new generation of mobile advertising and brand content specialists.

Our mission is clear and ambitious: to re-enchant digital advertising, using creativity to generate engagement for brands.

Since 2010, we have been working with the world's largest advertisers and their agencies to design, produce and distribute innovative, respectful and effective mobile content, adapted to new lifestyles and communication methods.

True to our convictions, we believe that the most important part of advertising is the message and that Creativity generates engagement.

Today we believe Creativity is moving from traditional media to social networks and that it is on these platforms we must seek out new formats and new modes of narration. Those that will allow brands to exist with an increasingly demanding, attentive and passionate target.

To help brands in this quest, we have created Mood - the inspiration platform that will source the best of Mobile Brand Content and allow you to create and share your inspiration boards/moods.

Enjoy the ride,

Some of these contents have been produced by Mozoo and others have been produced by different market players. Our ambition is not to be exhaustive but to present the advertising contents (hereafter, the "Contents") which we deem the most creative with regard to certain criteria that our studio has defined and which we present on the platform.

For any complaint about a published content, please contact mood@mozoo.com. Specify the contents concerned and they will be removed within 48 hours.

This private and free platform is accessible only to partners with an account that our teams will have validated beforehand after verification of their identity.