Our transparent evaluation system implemented by
experienced Advertising Creative Directors from Mozoo.

All the social creatives are evaluated on several aspects to deterine the creativity,
the usability and the effort delivered or required by each of them.


From 1 to 5

Takes into account the completeness of the realization/production of the video, the working time, the required skills, the thoroughness, etc.


From € to €€€

Production cost of the video from 1 to 3.
Takes into account time spent, skills required, asset requirements, shooting requirements, etc.


% out of 100

Takes into account the creative concept, visual impact, originality, concept, overall creative output, etc.


% out of 100

Takes into account the finesse of the design, the graphic work and the overall design.


% out of 100

Considers usability in the broadest sense of the word. Whether the content lends itself well to the environment in which it was delivered, whether it is effective from an advertising point of view, whether it is easily understood by the user, etc.